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Oktoberfest 2015

The largest Oktoberfest in New England will be celebrated on
Saturday, September 12th, 12 noon - 11 pm and Sunday, September 13th, 12 noon - 6 pm
at the Boylston Schul-Verein, 8 County St. (Rt. 109), Walpole, MA 02081

Entrance, Parking & Weather

The entrance fee is $10.00 per person. Entrance fee has to be paid in cash only. Children under 12 have free entrance. Unfortunately, we can not allow dogs (with the exception of service dogs), outside liquor, beer, soda or food to be brought onto the premises. Thank you for your understanding.

Ample free parking is available! For a parking map, please click here. We suggest to either arrive prior to 2pm, especially when the weather is good, before the parking lots fill up. After 5pm the parking lots start to clear up again as the day crowd slowly leaves and the evening crowd arrives.

Oktoberfest will be held rain or shine. Our pavilion offers 500 seats and a dance floor protected from rain or scorching sun. All food tents will be open regardless of weather. The bar is adjunct to the Pavilion and provides cover as well.

Children's Games

For our little guests, there are pony rides (2-4pm on both days), as well as other fun activities on the meadow, including a soccer target shooting wall, tug-o-war and more. Just check the meadow during the early afternoon for the activities.

Accepted Forms of Payment

Cash is accepted at the gate, all vendors and food stations as well as the main bar and the beer trucks & trolleys.

Credit Cards
Credit card or debit card sales are not accepted at any food stations, the bar and the beer trucks & trolleys. Two ATMs are available on the grounds to withdraw cash. Some of the vendors may accept credit and debit cards.

Oktoberfest Flyer

View or download the flyer - Click here!!

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General Info

Join several thousand visitors during our weekend long celebration of "Gemütlichkeit" and fun at New England's largest Oktoberfest.

Live music and dancing, kid's games, pony rides and target shooting are just some of the activities offered.

Let your summer slowly come to a close with a fun filled weekend for the whole family, while enjoying traditional German fare (but not only) and beers. Several vendors will be offering traditional German crafts, clothing, beer steins and foods.

The Bar

Main Bar
The main Bar, facing the pavilion, offers a full bar with all beers, wines and liquor. Cash only.

Warsteiner Beer Truck
Located on the meadow, this beer truck serves up 0.5 liter draft beers from Warsteiner. Available beers are the Oktoberfest and Dark. Cash only.

Weihenstephaner Beer Truck
Located next to the pavilion facing the meadow, this beer truck serves up 0.5 liter draft beers from Weihenstephaner. Available beers are the Oktoberfest, Hefeweizen and Dunkelhefe (Wheat and Dark Wheat). Cash only.

Warsteiner Trolleys
The two Warsteiner trolleys are located at the ends of the Biergarten area. Here you can get fresh Warsteiner Oktoberfest beer on draft. The trolleys only accept cash as payment.


Enjoy traditional German fare at our event. All our sides and potato pancakes are homemade by members of the club, using traditional recipes passed from generation to generation. The sausage and Leberkaese are Schalller & Weber, provided by Euroguild from Walpole. Our cakes and pastries are either home made or provided by Konditormeister. A full dinner, consisting of two sausages (or Leberkaese) and two sides is $10.00. All food stations are listed below.

Food Tent (cash only, open till 8pm)
German Sausage, Leberkaese, Potato Salad, Sauerkraut
Potato Pancake Tent (cash only, open till 7pm)
Potato Pancakes, Fried Dough
Hamburger Tent (cash only, open till 10pm)
Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Soda
Popcorn Tent (cash only, open till 6pm)
Pretzels, Popcorn, Ice Cream
Cake House (cash only, open till 6pm)
Homemade Cakes & Pastries


Back by popular demand! We are extremely happy to announce that Die Lustigen Almdudler will be providing the musical entertainment at Oktoberfest. Die Lustigen Almdudler have rocked our pavilion at previous Oktoberfests and keep the party going! Oans, zwoa, drei - g'suffa!

Die Lustigen Almdudler will play from 1pm on on Saturday and Sunday until closing, with short intermissions.

Bieranstich on Saturday around noon

Bieranstich on Saturday! What is Bieranstich? It's when the first keg gets tapped, usually by a dignitary or celebrity. As the picture shows, the fun is in the high fail rate and the subsequent beer shower for the person trying to tap the keg. We will start this tradition at the BSV Oktoberfest, the keg will be tapped shortly after noon on Saturday!

Our Beers


Warsteiner Oktoberfest & Dark, Weihenstephaner Oktoberfest & Hefeweizen
Available as 0.5 liter (16.9oz) draft or for your own stein or mug
$6.00 each


Designated Driver Program

Being the designated driver should be rewarded. That's our view here at the BSV. So if you pack up your car with friends and family and bring them safely to our Oktoberfest and back, we would like to to reward you - WITH FREE ENTRANCE! The driver of every car with 4 or more adults gets free entrance, along with our admiration for being the designated driver. And there is alcohol-free beer at the bar for sale!
SCA Exhibition
On Saturday at 5pm we will have an exhibition by the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) in full-contact medieval fighting. The exhibition will start shortly after 5pm on the meadow and will feature several fighters in full armor.
Target Shooting - Jagdklub Auerhahn
Our own hunting club, the Jagdclub Auerhahn will organize the traditional target shooting competition. The shooting gallery can be found at the end of the meadow, the shooting starts around 1pm and ends around 6pm. We recommend to shoot prior to the second visit to the bar.

Contact us

For more information: or call (508) 660-2018