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Auxiliary Groups

The BSV has several auxiliary groups organized by its members and also non-members. The groups meet to participate in shared interests and activities and also organize events for the membership of the BSV as well as the general public. All groups welcome new members or participants. From Skat, a traditional German card game, to social evenings in the Ratskeller, our groups offer fun times at the BSV outside of Oktoberfest.



One of the oldest traditions at the BSV. Every second Friday of the month (except June and September), the club belongs to the men. Someone is cooking, the beer is flowing and from card games to sports talk everyone finds their favorite thing to do. 


We are a mixed voice chorus of approximately 25 members. We present both German folk songs and art songs by famous German composers. We rehearse every Tuesday evening, 7:30 to 9:00 PM, September through June at the Boylston Schul-Verein. New singers are welcome at any time.



The Athletic Committee guides and supervises the athletic endeavors of the BSV. Currently the Committee sponsors a men's Eishockey team, co-ed Fußball team, and also supports local youth sports organization.




Once a month from 7pm on, the Skat Club of the BSV meets to enjoy rounds of the traditional German card game. New players are always welcome to join, no previous knowledge of the game is required.

Freundeskreis DH Logo.jpg


The Freundeskreis provides a relaxing and gemütlich time for BSV members and guests to get together over food and drink to have discussions, hear presentations, to sing, and to recite poetry. Conversations are in German and English.


Jagdklub Auerhahn

The Jagdklub is a group consisting of approximately 20 members that meets monthly and makes a yearly excursion in November to northern Maine.  Members also sponsor and manage the annual Schützenfest (shooting gallery) at our summer outdoor events.


Follow the link to learn more about Schlaraffia Bostonia, part of Allschlaraffia, a German speaking organization that celebrates friendship, the arts, and music since 1859.

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