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Become a member of the BSV!

Anyone can become a member of our club - and we welcome you! 


As a volunteer and non-profit organization we depend on our membership to keep this part of German-American life in New England alive and thriving. Our members come from various backgrounds, from German expats, the people reconnecting with their family heritage, to members who studied in Germany or have visited as a tourist and want to stay connected with Geman language, culture and Geselligkeit.


1. Membership Types

The BSV has two types of membership, active/voting and passive/non-voting. The only difference between the two types of membership is, that active members can run for positions on the board and can vote in the elections for the board. A member is automatically considered active if he or she a) is German,  b) is of German decent (2nd generation), or  c) speaks fluent German. Passive members can be also made active members at the discretion of the board.


2. Membership Dues

The dues are $100 per year per person.


3. Membership Benefits and Rights

  • Access to member only events

  • Free entrance to Sommerfest and Oktoberfest

  • Reduced price for German classes at the Adult Thursday School

  • Reduced pricing at the Ratskeller bar

  • Reduced pricing for dinner dances

  • 10% discount at Wines & More

  • Right to all notices/publications

  • Right to attend business meetings

  • Right to vote on club matters in business meetings

  • Right to run for club's board (active members only)

  • Right to vote in board elections (active members only)

  • Members are expected to volunteer at one or more club functions each year


4. Membership Application

Complete the online application.  Once submitted with payment, our Membership Secretary will reach out to you to conduct a short interview (either in person or via phone) to determine your status as an active or passive members. Applicants are then voted into the club by the membership at our next monthly business meeting.  


Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have.


We are looking forward to welcome you as a new member at the BSV!

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